Definitive Technology Procinema 800 Reviews Demonstrate The Power Of This Amazing Speaker System

For those who are looking for a speaker system that can shatter their windows and also their bathroom tiles and have stopped for taking a look at the Definitive Technology Procinema 800 review, well, they will be in for good news, as this is one of the most accurate systems that we tested so far and it really manages to deliver pristine sound that’s no less than 5 stars. Let’s begin with some of the pros and cons of this system:

The good: The Definitive Technology Procinema 800 is a piece home cinema theater speaker system that features advanced driver technology. The woofer is compact in size, boasts out three hundred W RMS of sound power and it’s enough for most apartment rooms.

The bad: The satellites look very sleek, yet the woofer’s design might leave more to be desired in terms of looks.

Conclusion: This system definitely impresses and for us it redefined what a small 5.1 subwoofer system is all about.

The system comes with ProMonitor loudspeakers and this means that users who are looking for state of the art performance will get what they’re looking for from them. They are also full range speakers so this means that you can easily use them separately, on your desk, on your wall or whatever space you find them to be fit in. Paired with a good subwoofer they can deliver an astonishing sonic concert that impresses and amazes everyone eavesdropping on it. The Definitive Technology Procinema 800 boasts out a tremendous dynamic range, a wonderful transient response, room filling and rich & warm filling 3D imaging.

Each of the Definitive center channels and C\L\Rs were designed with the exact high standards and performance goals as the main right and left front speakers. Their top notch feature number the HD polymer coned cast basket bass, intricate Linkwitz Riley cross-over networks, butyl rubber surrounds for the midrange drivers and aluminum dome tweeters that come with magnetic fluid cooling.

Taking a look at the subwoofer, you will be impressed by the bas performance it offers, so that your movies’ lows will sound deeper and more realistic than ever. The Definitive subwoofers are nine time award winners as being some of the best subwoofers on the market featuring high current amplifiers and crossovers that are a blend of gentle musicality and explosive power for one of the most accurate bass reproductions ever.

Listening to the subwoofer of the Definitive Technology Procinema 800 with its sound waves that go well beyond the human hearing level, you will feel that energy gathering up in the room, shaking you, penetrating your body and stirring up your very soul. This is a rare achievement in 5.1 audio systems that is now available for you whenever you feel like experiencing such titanic sound.

Being one of the best 5.1 surround sound systems in the industry, the Definitive Technology Procinema 800 doesn’t fail to deliver awe inspiring sound whatever the expectations users have. Sound that comes out of it is crystal clear, bass is heart moving and the concert of decibels it creates has no equal. With a price to match up for this superior sound technology there’s no doubt this system is only made for true audiophiles and people who know what fantastic sound quality is all about.

How Video Phone Technology Can Bring Long Distance Relationships With Families And Friends Closer

For the many of you who aren’t familiar with video phone technology, they are simply telephones with built-in camera and video screens that give you the ability to see the person you’re talking to in real time. All you need is a high speed Internet connection and you’re ready to go. Videophones are a great way to stay connected and get face-to-face time with your aging parents, grandchildren, children who live in other states or provinces or may be away at school or friends that you wish to be in contact with. They are the closest thing to being there when you can’t.

There have been various studies conducted on the use of video phones for the elderly and the consensus all appears to be positive in the rewards. A study that was done in Japan and published in the US stated as a conclusion that “The effectiveness of the videophones in home healthcare service was found to be significant. This evidence supports the use of videophones in home healthcare to improve the quality of service”. Just imagine having the opportunity to see your loved ones daily even if they are in a distant Nursing Home. Would you both feel better? Of course you would!

If you enjoy talking with your grandchildren on the phone, imagine how you will love to video chat with them even more! What could be worth more than seeing your grandchild take their first steps, show off their first missing tooth and just the ability to “be there” for all of their special events?

Then they grow up and go away to college. How important would it be for you as parents or grandparents to stay in touch and not only hear in their voice how they are doing but also being able to see it in their eyes? Today’s technology definitely gives you the opportunity to bring them closer and make everyone feel more assured and comfortable. Even if you are the proverbial “road warrior” Sales Person having challenges staying close with family and friends video technology can help bridge the gap and keep relationships close.

The good news is that in today’s world the technology is available with ease and at costs that are not only attractive but can also save you money over the current communication methods that you are using.

High Definition TVs Become Mainstream

HDTV or high definition televisions are finally entering the arena where it can be considered mainstream. Literally every single day we see that the prices on high definition television sets are falling or even dropping. Luckily the available supporting technology like the digital video recorders has no problem handling HDTV programs.

Today, in at totally different industry, we see that the video game systems are using the advantage that high definition technology provides. And as a bonus we are seeing that more and more channels become available in the HDTV format now than ever before in the history of the technology.

While all of this is considered good news in the of the high definition television market a few of the giant technology companies are fighting a format war in the market for the HD digital video disc. As in the old days with the Beta-max vs. VHS format war there are now two opposing formats that both utilize the blue laser technology in order to encode enough data for a full length movie in high definition. And on top of that there are the bonus features and materials that are added onto a disc that’s the same size as a normal DVD. The challenge is that most of the available players of today are only supporting one format and therefore won’t play discs in the other format. You can say that the formats are incompatible.

Consumers avoiding the Beta-max failure

Due to this conflict there is currently a lot of trouble in regards to the widespread adoption of just one of the formats. Consumers can easily remember the last time there was a format war and where many people got stuck with a bunch of useless Beta-max cassette players and tapes. Therefore we are now seeing consumers being more cautious and are therefore holding out to see which of the two formats that comes out on top before investing into new technology.

The technical specifications of the two formats are pretty close to being equal, but the Blu-ray disc format from Sony is the winner in terms of the amount of data that it can store. On a disc from Sony you can store up to fifty gigabytes or as much as twenty five gigabytes on each side of the disc. On the other side you have rival of Toshiba with their HD-DVD format. It can only store fifteen gigabytes per side for a total of thirty, but it has the advantage in terms of players being sold about half the price of Blu-ray disc players.

Due to the fact that the Blu-ray format can store the most data, it would seem obvious that it would be the winner on purely technical grounds. However time has shown us that the market for these things isn’t quite that simple. In order to win the battle both Sony and Toshiba are trying to win by making their technology more attractive than the other’s which in the end will only benefit the consumers.

To make the picture complete one must know that there are some really big names in the electronics, software, and movies industry have gotten behind each of the two formats. On one side the huge company of Microsoft favors HD-DVD and offers an HD-DVD drive that attaches to its popular Xbox 360 gaming system

On the other side there are the major movie studios like 20th Century Fox that are currently releasing a lot of movies on Blu-ray disc while yet other movie companies are releasing movies on HD-DVD. Some of the major film producers are going the safe route and are releasing movies in both formats just to hedge their bets.

So when it looks like high definition television is ready to become mainstream the DVD format war is becoming more and more ugly every day and at this point it doesn’t seem like there will be found any solution in the near future.