How Video Phone Technology Can Bring Long Distance Relationships With Families And Friends Closer

For the many of you who aren’t familiar with video phone technology, they are simply telephones with built-in camera and video screens that give you the ability to see the person you’re talking to in real time. All you need is a high speed Internet connection and you’re ready to go. Videophones are a great way to stay connected and get face-to-face time with your aging parents, grandchildren, children who live in other states or provinces or may be away at school or friends that you wish to be in contact with. They are the closest thing to being there when you can’t.

There have been various studies conducted on the use of video phones for the elderly and the consensus all appears to be positive in the rewards. A study that was done in Japan and published in the US stated as a conclusion that “The effectiveness of the videophones in home healthcare service was found to be significant. This evidence supports the use of videophones in home healthcare to improve the quality of service”. Just imagine having the opportunity to see your loved ones daily even if they are in a distant Nursing Home. Would you both feel better? Of course you would!

If you enjoy talking with your grandchildren on the phone, imagine how you will love to video chat with them even more! What could be worth more than seeing your grandchild take their first steps, show off their first missing tooth and just the ability to “be there” for all of their special events?

Then they grow up and go away to college. How important would it be for you as parents or grandparents to stay in touch and not only hear in their voice how they are doing but also being able to see it in their eyes? Today’s technology definitely gives you the opportunity to bring them closer and make everyone feel more assured and comfortable. Even if you are the proverbial “road warrior” Sales Person having challenges staying close with family and friends video technology can help bridge the gap and keep relationships close.

The good news is that in today’s world the technology is available with ease and at costs that are not only attractive but can also save you money over the current communication methods that you are using.