Definitive Technology Sets the Standard in Loudspeaker Audio Systems

Established in 1990, Definitive Technology has certainly made a lasting name for itself in the field of loudspeakers and audio equipment. After twenty years in business they are now well known among the speaker industry for their superior sound quality, innovative speaker engineering and the sleek, classy, and stylish designs of the hardware they produce. Definitive has received innumerable awards, commendations, favorable reviews and honorable mentions throughout their history in the audio world, and it’s no small wonder why. The speakers that they produce are consistently of superlative quality in every way imaginable, designed by a premier group of audiophiles and speaker-enthusiast for the very same type of people.


I’m not kidding when I say Definitive Technology has been awarded for the quality of its speakers. They have literally received dozens, if not hundreds of medals and trophies from various institutions in the audio industry, an impressive sampling of which can be seen on their website In addition to this, they have had several of their speakers featured as “Speaker of the Year” out of all the other speaker manufacturers in the field, which as you can imagine is quite a lot.

Recently, a customized setup of Definitives that incorporated several free-standing units in conjunction with several other pieces of equipment was named the “Audio Product of the Year.” This isn’t just out of speaker systems, this is out of all audio-related products that were produced during that year. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a phenomenal achievement and a telling one at that.

Types of Speakers

Definitive Technology produces a wide range of all different sizes, styles and types of speaker to suit nearly everyone’s needs. While the prices of their hardware reflect the premium materials and construction, they nonetheless offer several affordable units that provide “Definitive Quality” in price ranges that are accessible to almost everyone. In addition to their signature free-standing loudspeakers, Definitive manufactures a widely recognized line of subwoofers, and also surround sound systems, shelf speakers, sound bars, and others. One of their most recent and altogether amazing products that they’ve come out with is a set of ultra thin home theater speakers. At just 1.5 inches thick, these speakers produce a mind-boggling amount and quality of sound and are the perfect companion to flat screen TVs.

Definitive Technology undoubtedly sets the standard when it comes to quality home audio products. They have years of experience, testimonials and rock-solid audio equipment to back that up, and I’m certain that anyone who chooses to “go Definitive” will not regret that decision.